interactive real-time graphics installation
shane cooper


images: nicole weber, joosten kuypers, regina tuzzolino, emrys plasted

A wall-projected image appears to display the person standing before it.  In actuality, it is an image of a previous visitor, possibly from months before, standing in the same manner and position as the current observer. At each instant, as the observer moves and changes position, their 'reflected' image moves with them, rapidly changing into the different people who have been there before, matching the way the current observer is currently standing.  Initially, it starts out empty, but over a long time many thousands of observers are recorded. The peice aquires a life of it's own - increasing in its ability to mimic and follow observers in the present, using images of previous observers from the past.  The peice depends entirely on the act of observation to construct itself and it's interaction.

people experiencing reflection (image 1)
people experiencing reflection (image 2)
people experiencing reflection (image 3)
people experiencing reflection (image 4)
people experiencing reflection (image 5)
people experiencing reflection (image 6)
people experiencing reflection (image 7)

An artwork depends on being seen to become defined - to become something.  This work literally gains its existence through being seen.  Constructing itself entirely from the act of observation and interaction, it builds itself over a long period of time, absorbing images of the many people that stand and move before it. Images collected of observers in the past are re-used to exactly mimic and follow the movements of observers in the present.  The more images it collects, the more it improves - the better it defines itself.

Video files by request..
people experiencing reflection (movie 1 - 2.8MB)
people experiencing reflection (movie 2 - 4.7MB)
people experiencing reflection (movie 3 - 8.7MB)
people experiencing reflection (movie 4 - 6.1MB)
people experiencing reflection (movie 5 - 3.8MB)
people experiencing reflection (movie 6 - 1.8MB)

Note: In some exhibitions, this work has been named 'Parasight'.
Dates Event Location

solo show
Ecole d'Art d'Ottawa / Ottawa School of Art
Ottawa, Canada

Shane Cooper

Ciber@rt Bilbao 2004
Bilbao, Spain
Alberto Lomas, Águeda Simó, Raquel Kogan, Maggie Orth, Shane Cooper, Bill Vorn.Canadá, Chu-Yin Chen, Sibylle Hauert / Daniel Reichmuth / Volker Böhm, Kathy Marmor, El grupo de investigación SymbioticA / Potter Group, Fuchs-Eckermann

Navigate@art. Die Faszination virtueller Welten.
Automobilforum Unter den Linden Volkswagen AG
Berlin, Germany
Nan June Paik, Jeffery Shaw, Shane Cooper, Tony Oursler, Michael Naimark, Wolfgang Münch / Kiyoshi Furukawa, Christa Sommerer / Laurent Mignonneua, Dieter Kiessling, Masaki Fujihata, Alba D'Urbano

ZKM Medienmuseum
Karlsruhe, Germany
Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel, Shane Cooper, Bjørn Melhus, Klaus Obermaier / Chris Haring, Christin Lahr, Kristin Lucas, Milica Tomiç, Eran Schaerf, Hermen Maat, Paul M. Smith, Felix Stephan Huber, 91v.2.0, Jan Rohlf / Maverick, Anny Öztürk, Jan Peters / Hélèna Villovitch, Oliver Augst / Christoph Korn

Jeffrey Shaw - Realization
Peter Weibel - Realization

Shane Cooper - Concept and software developement
Manfred Hauffen - Networking and computers
Torsten Ziegler - Networking and computers